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Sunday, September 16, 2007
How to create the Worlds Fastest Skip
Thought up during a social night out in Cardiff the Skipcar has become a phenomenal success and an icon for the waste industry.

Here is a brief description of how the Skipcar was created:

Week 1 - Purchased a second hand Subaru Impreza Rally Car from Newport Auctions. A small team of GD Environmental workers stripped the car to its base. This included the removal of all doors, windows, car roof and seats.

Week 2 – Mechanics Lance and Richard took over the creative design and build of the car. The team shortened the cars chassis to assure the cars body could fit into an 8 yard builders skip and began measuring up the remaining infrastructure of the car.

Week 3 – The team continued to work on the cars interior including the fastening of rally seats, top of the range sound system and finishing all electronics for the cars CPU.

Week 4 – Following the completion of the cars interior, the team then began work on creating a “Skip on Wheels”. This was done through fitting a strong reinforced steel frame around the exterior of the car.

Week 5 – To create the appearance of a skip, light steel panels were welded to the cars newly constructed frame. Once the panels were attached to the exterior of the car, it was pained red and sprayed with GD Environmental’s corporate branding.

Week 6 –The Skipcar was successfully completed and ready for the road within an impressive 6 week period.

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