richard viner - 24-05-2009 18:54:29

my dad drives it lol

Stiv - 21-03-2009 21:55:42

seen it in Cardiff today amazing shame Wales lost 21/03/09

Daniel - 16-02-2009 08:44:24

I saw this during the Wales vs England game! Amazing!

melissa - 14-02-2009 19:51:22

seen this in cardiff today!!! its fab!! :D

John Barnes - 30-01-2009 16:31:22

Awsome car guys great website to! I just ordered a skip off

Im-martin sid-hales - 23-06-2008 11:59:27

Martin Phil and Imran want to buy this car for our jolly days out where can we ourchase for team IBS please please let us know. IBS team aka pink gang

Imran Sidiqqui - 23-06-2008 11:55:12

Where can I buy such a machine it is my life ambtion to own this motor. I call my Saab a skip but this machine is the biz

Amy - 22-05-2008 12:19:25

Haha this stopped in my street, at first i thought a man was in a skip lookin for sumfin :L i was lmaoo :L

paavan s. - 08-05-2008 13:02:17

i have running blog on guinness world record I have seen you entery on guinness book record, where can i found those information in your website? Please send me detail on thanks

John Myer - 01-05-2008 16:14:24

Great fun car passed you in maindee today thought it looked the dogs B------------- I agree with Dave it should be on Top Gear will give you a toot on the horn next time I see you out and about.

Siobhan @ Fullers - 25-04-2008 11:05:50

How wicked is your SkipCar, only found out today you guys had it - Alfie I didn't know you had such class, hee hee :) ps you should have dressed all in black and become the Welsh Stig, c ya

James Burniston - 15-03-2008 18:36:04

i was talking to my mate and he said one of the boys was doing a 130mph down the m4 and a skip went flying past him. i said f*** off your mad and he said ask nick when u see him i asked him and he showed me a vid of it. so today i looked it up on the net. and what a piece of rubbish i meen machinery that is. loving the work any more on the ajender ..?

Bill Selevan - 07-03-2008 14:54:01

My first test message #7

Ben Hooper - 09-11-2007 17:24:01

My two favoutire things, a skip and a car, joined together! Thank you Gez.

Charlene Ball - 09-11-2007 15:25:36

Ooooof* I so love this skip and it really does go that fast im the brunette laying on it hehe* and it goes super fast!!!! x

Rob Evans - 08-11-2007 16:14:38

wicked! gez i will deffo b wanting a go in this bad boy :D

Sarah Bond - 08-11-2007 14:43:27

OMG! That cant go 147 mph surely! Thats faster than my car! Does it come in pink? :)

David - 08-11-2007 14:34:55

haha this is mental, this should be on Top Gear!

Mike Jordan - 07-11-2007 16:23:40

Whoever came with this idea is as mad as a hatter! What a great, fun idea! I can't wait to see it on the roads

Tom Lloyd - 07-11-2007 11:09:18

I saw the skipcar the other day. It looks wicked! Great idea. This website looks really cool too! Well done guys.